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Teaching Pro Spotlight - Mark McCampbell

USTA So. Calif. Tennis July July 7, 2015

Pro-Am Ellison Memorial at LPCC

Ventura Co Star May 13, 2015

Membership Director Named

Ventura Co Star April 25, 2015

McCampbell Joins Las Posas

USTA So Cal December 2014

Las Posas Women's Golf Club Reaches So Cal Finals

Ventura Co Star August 19, 2014

LPCC Member Mark Freie makes 50' Putt to win $2,500

You Tube May 16, 2014

Forward Tees Good For All Players

Ventura Co Star March 26, 2014

SCGA to Take Over Ryan O'Neil Classic Golf Tournament

Ventura Co Star March 5, 2014

Fiedler Takes Another Shot at Senior Open

Ventura Co Star July 26, 2011

Pavin The Way

Fore Magazine September/October 2010

Las Posas Happy With Facelift

Ventura Co Star August 17, 2010

Casual Climate Change

Ventura Co Star July 10, 2010

Admitting Jeans to the Club

Wall Street Journal May 27, 2010

Ryan O'Neil Golf Classic

Ventura Co Star February 16, 2010

Mother's Day Luncheon Honors and Remembers

Ventura Co Star February 16, 2010