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Corporate-Sponsored Membership

This membership is held by a corporation, sole-proprietorship or partnership which may select a minimum of three and maximum of ten beneficiaries per membership for one initiation fee. Individuals nominated must be owners, officers, or employees of the entity holding the Corporate-Sponsored Membership, and been continuously employed on a full-time basis for a minimum of six (6) months prior to election as a beneficiary. Beneficiarys must complete the same vetting application process with the Club as any new member.  Priviledges, dues, and minimum spending on food for each Beneficiary is based on the membership classification selected:  Family Golf, Individual Golf, Junior Executive, Tennis, Social/Fitness and/or Social.

For more information about membership opportunities at Las Posas Country Club, please contact our Membership Sales & Marketing Director, David Driscoll at david@lasposascc.com.

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